• Thermostat-controlled fresh air ventilator for optimum ventilation

    Our self-regulating and thermostat-controlled fresh air ventilators are perfect for all types of homes and premises and provide a healthy all-year round indoor climate.


Products for a better indoor climate – all year round.
Treat your house to self-regulating fresh air ventilators.

Improved indoor ventilation with self-regulating ventilators

Our popular and energy-saving fresh air ventilator is suitable for all ventilation systems. The ventilator is self-regulating and adjusts the air flow in relation to the outdoor temperature. This gives the right ventilation all year round and saves energy by not over-regulating. As no electrical installation is needed, the ventilator is easy to install and is suitable for all types of rooms and premises. It has a neat and stylish design which allows it to fit into any environment.

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The ventilator opens and closes by 1.1 mm for
each degree C the outdoor temperature changes.

Forget all cords and controls

Change to self-regulating!

There are several reasons to replace your old wall ventilators by self-regulating fresh air ventilators and forget all cords and controls.

  • Gives better indoor air all year round
  • Allows your house to breathe and reduces the risk of mildew in the walls
  • Minimises over-ventilation
  • Energy saving = better for both the environment and your wallet
  • Discrete and stylish design
  • No electrical installation, which makes the ventilator easy to install

About us

Här ser vi en tilluftsventil från Liljengrens

About us

Liljengrens Product AB is a leading supplier and manufacturer of self-regulating fresh air ventilators that regulate (open/close) in relation to the outdoor temperature. This gives optimum ventilation throughout the year.


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How many ventilators do I need in each room? Can I install your ventilators in existing holes? Where do I best install the ventilators for optimum functionality? We answer the most common questions here.

We provide a 10-year warranty for our thermostat bulb.

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