Air change

LVX air exchange is a climate-smart ventilation product for temporary ventilation, such as wet rooms, dryers, drying rooms, drawers, offices, meeting rooms, school rooms and work sheds, etc. LVX consists of a white lacquered indoor part and a basic painted outdoor part. The indoor part is equipped with a self-regulating fresh air ventilator and a flexible aluminum pipe.

The self-regulating fresh air ventilator regulates between +5 and +20 degrees. When the equipment is not in use, the fresh air ventilators in the indoor section and the damper in the outdoor section prevent the room from being cooled. If the fresh air ventilators are closed, due to low outdoor temperature, the ventilators will open after the extract air fan has started. The fresh air ventilators then feel the warm air and allow fresh outdoor air to enter the room.

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