Technical data

Dimensions, the thermostat bulb’s working range and flow diagram for our self-regulating fresh air ventilator.

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Ventilator A B C D
V80 80 mm 40 mm 147 mm 75 mm
V100 95 mm 40 mm 147 mm 75 mm
V125 124 mm 40 mm 147 mm 75 mm
V160 157 mm 47 mm 207 mm 75 mm


Ventilator A B C D E
IV-125 120 mm 33 mm 53 mm 18 mm 90 mm
Flow diagram

Thermostat bulb working range


The ventilator disc can be adjusted manually by turning it past the default position to increase or decrease the amount of air as required. Minimum air flow can also be achieved by using spacers.

We provide a 10-year warranty for our thermostat bulb.

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