Drying equipment

Hydrotork is an environment-friendly and energy-saving drying equipment for multifamily buildings, hotels, day-care centres and industries. Thanks to its simple construction it is easy to use, which provides many carefree years of operation. HT400 is very easy to install and is almost maintenance-free. It is started with one press of a button and stops automatically when the laundry is dry. The drying time is affected by the material of the textiles. Energy consumption is almost independent of how many kilos of laundry is being dried at the same time in the room during a drying session. The drying speed is mostly dependent of the air movement around the drying items. To obtain the lowest possible energy consumption, the Hydrotork has been developed for maximum blowing effect and it stops the drying process when the laundry is dry.

Hygrotork is available in two variants, the HT400E which is connected to the property and the HT400V which is connected to the existing VVC alt. hot water.

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